Puppy age

How old is your pet ?

Calculate easily the age of your favorite animal

With our free animal age calculation web service, you will be able to quickly convert the age of your pet (cat, dog, horse, ...) and obtain immediately its equivalence in human age.

Calculate the age of a cat


Is your cat an old man or a teenager full of vigor?
To understand the equivalence of ages between humans and cats, be sure to try our free tool.

Calculate the age of a dog


Well knowing the age of the dog let you be able to take care of him at each age of his life.
That's why our dog age calculator will be very useful.

Calculating age of rodents


Dwarf rabbit, rat, mouse, hamster, guinea pig, gerbil, chinchilla, ... the best way to easily calculate the equivalent human age of the age of your pet.

Calculate the age of horses


Old colt or stallion at each age of the horse's life, it has its own needs. Calculate the equivalence between the horse's age and the age of the man through our recognized method.

Calculate the age of a cow


To find the age of your cow, you can simply find their name (it follows years) or ID card.
But to know how old she would have among men, follow the formula !

Age of the other animals


Birds, pigs, ferrets, donkeys, reptiles, exotic pets, fish ... for each animal its formula, not easy to navigate to find the human ages of animals, except with our tool.

Comparing age of an animal with ours

Without any anthropomorphism, it is legitimate to question the age of the animal, and especially its advanced old age, to prevent age-related diseases, for example.

Most of our pets become adults quickly: they live a very short youth.
In the other hand, often, things are spread over longer maturity and old age…